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At Love Cake, we are dedicated to creating delicious baking mixes and pantry essentials that are free from common allergens, so that those of us with food allergies and intolerances don't have to miss out on the joy of home baking.
We’re proud of our range of products that have been created with the utmost care and dedication to quality, so that you can focus on enjoying baking and not have to worry about the ingredients.
Improving allergy friendly home baking has been our mission since 2006. We’ve been working hard to develop a range of products that taste great and are super convenient, so that Love Cake can be a staple in every kitchen. We’ve researched and sourced the best quality, allergen free ingredients for our pantry essentials and designed flavourful baking mixes that are easy to use.
Were also committed to keeping things natural. Our products are made from natural ingredients, conveniently delivered to you in our beautifully designed, recyclable and compostable boxes.
We believe our range of Love Cake products are changing the perception that allergen free baking is hard and that you have to compromise on flavour - we simply don’t believe this is true. In fact we think our Love Cake range is so delicious, it can be enjoyed by everyone. You don’t need to have a food intolerance or allergy to appreciate how delicious our products are!
Love Cake is available from most supermarkets, grocers, or health food stores but if you can’t find our products at your local shop please ask them to get in touch with us or contact us directly and we’ll do our best to make it happen!