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love cake organic cake mix



I just wanted to send a quick email to express my THANKS for making this product....myself and my 16 month old daughter have allergies to Wheat, Dairy, Egg, Soy and Nuts and it's so hard to find foods we can eat, especially treats.   I just made a batch of your muffins (for the first time), and I used chocolate flavoured rice milk which I think added to their yummyness!  I bought your product at the Wellington gluten free/allergy show and it's taken me this long to find the time to make them!  I'll definatley be buying more of your product from now on!   A big THANKS!  


I just thought I would tell you I love your cake mix which I buy from Pikos in Christchurch. I live by myself so make it to the vegan recipe but I use muffin tins. I still ice it, but it means I can freeze them. I just pop them into the microwave for about 10seconds and then have it with yoghurt. DEVINE. I do it this was rather than buying the muffin mix, so that I can have them iced.

I also love your biscuits.

 T. Walsh, Christchurc h

I have recently had to change to a gluten and dairy free diet and have been finding it quite a challenge ........ and missing yummy cake A LOT!
I just made my first love cake and I would just like to say it was GREAT! Very easy for me (as a non-baker) to make and VERY YUMMY! .......... which I have to say has not been my experience with all gluten and dairy free baking! :-) So thank-you for creating a very yummy, easy to make gluten and dairy free cake because sometimes there is just no substitute for a big slice of chocolate cake :-D


Well I finally got to make the cake but did do it in the ring tin as you suggest.  I have to say it was EXTREMELY YUMMY!  We have multiple allergies but not wheat, so I've never taken to anything gluten free, it's always felt rather grainy to me.  But you cake was so velvety, it was amazing.  Even hubby, who doesn't do anything "allergy" was very impressed and I had to fight for my share!   So thank you for making such a fabulous cake.  I will be using it for my daughter's 1st birthday as due to allergies in the family she will still be wheat free at that point.   What I did want to ask you, is I saw you now have biscuit mix.  It does state to use eggs, so I'm wondering if I can use egg sub with this?  I did grab a packet of your muffin mix which is note is egg free which is fab, but would also like to give the biscuits a go!   Thanks again,


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Love Cake cupcakes

Hi, your cake is awesome!  My daughter just loves it, and has eaten the one we came across at the Darling harbour Allergy/gluten free expo.  We made it for her birthday, as she hasn't had a cake in several years, and it made her day.   We will definately be sourcing more, and looking out for any other of your products. thanks so much for a great product.

Katherine Yelds (Australia)

I am sure you hear this all the time, and if you don't you should, but I just wanted to say thank you so much for creating Love Cake. I adore baking and often make treats for my family, friends and colleagues, but I have to control myself and not even sneak a bite as I have dairy and gluten allergies. Then, while visiting my sister in Dunedin, I spied on the shelf a gorgeous pink and silver bag (which when I squeezed it felt fabulous) and I discovered Love Cake. Now, every six months or so when I am down there I stock up (I live on the West Coast and I can't find your products anywhere).
Now when I bake for people I use Love Cake, soooo easy and quick. And best of all, delicious. None of them can tell that these cupcakes are organic, vegan, dairy, egg, soy and gluten free.
Thank you so much for allowing me the basic human right of something sweet at the end of a long day, without the nasty side effects. You are a life saver.

p.s I shared my love for your products on Flickr because everyone has a right to chocolate! Check:

Our 8 year old daughter has recently been diagnosed with a dairy and wheat intolerance after many years of debilitating excema. The diagnosis was great as we now had a cause which we could deal with. However a few days into the new diet we were not so excited as we realised how restricted we now had to become!   Within weeks I was full of despair as I purchased many new ingredients in which to make bread, biscuits, cakes etc...They drove me mad as many went straight in the bin as she just would not eat it. I have to admit they really did not taste good and the rest of us would not eat them either. So I was (and still are) just thrilled to come across your fabulous range of cakes. They are so delicious they do not taste gluten free at all!  Recently we had a family birthday and we just made one of your cakes so our daughter would not feel left out. Everyone commented on how nice it was and no one knew it was one of our daughters "special cakes".  It is a relief to have something for school lunch boxes, snacks etc and they are so quick and easy to make. Thanks so much, you guys are a life saver!   With much thanks

L. Brookes

I am the Wellington Regional Coordinator for Allergy NZ, and recently received your generous sample pkt of LoveCake at our conference.
We are also egg-free at our house so I bought another packet (according to your website egg-free instructions) and whipped up the was absolutely wonderful, made a huge cake that was enjoyed by will definitely be our special occasion cake of the future....moist, manageable (it didn't fall apart or crumble) and most of all YUMMY! I am planning on trying as cupcakes as they are great for kids - would your recommend?
Thank you so much and we look forward to you expanding your range! Best wishes for your business

A Farrier (Wellington)

People with special dietary requirements, especially children, can sometimes feel like they are missing out, particularly at party time. Well that’s why the Love Cake has been such a success here at Huckleberry Farms. Adults and children alike find this moist chocolate cake tastes deliciously like the regular wheat-flour version, yet it is free from gluten, dairy and soy. Three of the ingredients that often prevent some people from enjoying a little bit of decadence now and again. It is divine, and comes either already baked, or if you’re handy in the kitchen it is simple to whip up yourself – so you can take the credit. There is also a vegan option available. Don’t forget you don’t need to have an intolerance to be able to enjoy this cake!
Catherine Anitelea - Instore Naturopath (& chocolate-lover)

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Gluten Free New Zealand Love Cake

Gluten Free Kiwi Cooks Love Cake Cake Mix In Her Gluten Free Kitchen

Just a quick message to say many thanks for that delicious Love Cake you made for my twins birthday on Saturday - I couldn't believe how amazing a vegan cake could be! We had quite a few Mum's with children with all sorts of allergies at the party, so I've passed your business card onto them as more birthday's are coming up - so they'll be giving you a call!
Thanks again, I'll definitely be using you again!

B. Roberts (Auckland)

Thanks to Love Cake I can finally enjoy a slice of divine chocolate cake and even my non-allergy family and friends love it (they've been rather suspicious of my dairy free baking in the past!).

A fantastic product that is so easy, so delicious and sooooo addictive!

Robbie Butterworth

Just wanted to let you know that we made our first batch of muffins with your mix a couple of days ago and they turned out beautifully! They are really delicious. We will be ordering from you again.

Thanks and kind regards,

Adele (Victoria, Australia)

I just want to let you know how wonderful your cake mix is. My son has coeliac disease and for the very first time, he was able to have his very own birthday cake that looked and tasted like a "normal" cake. I have searched high and low for something like this and I have finally found it. Thank you, thank you!
P. Walsh (Auckland)

A friend recently introduced me to your delicious chocolate cake - the first chocolate cake I've tasted in 3 years.

It was so good and no nasty side effects. Thank you for having such a a product on the market - and in New Zealand too!  I'm looking forward to my little store of cake mixes.  May your business enjoy good years. 

Thank you
M. Russell (North Island NZ)

Lets get something straight. I don’t bake cakes. Gave ‘Love Cake’ a go because of my gluten intolerance and being sick to death of tasteless, non gluten options. To my (and my partners/friends) surprise the cake turned out fantastic. Very, very tasty, rich, moist, chocolate cake. Gave some to friends and they thought it was great too. Very easy to make too, takes no time, no mess.
Roger Bosustow (NT Australia)

Thought I’d drop you a line and tell you that the love cake mix I bought turned out beautifully. I would recommend love cake to anyone and wish you all the best with your business.
D. Pilkington (Auckland)

:It was fantastic, moist, firm, light and delicious. Oh, how I do wish I knew what quantities of the flours were in that packet!! I cut the cake in half and layered it with chocolate mousse and black cherries, the centre was filled with White Japonica flowers and a banner for the birthday person was suspended across the top using very long thin skewers. It looked and tasted marvellous. Many thanks for your patience."

Firstly I would like to say that I bought your product a couple of weeks ago, at the Food and Allergy Expo in Greenlane. I like organic products, so I thought I would try your ‘Love Cake Muffin Mix’. It was so moist and soft.
I was also very impressed at how easy it was to make a muffin. I am not that good at baking, but on that day my wife was impressed!

Sanjay Singh

Just wanted you to know that I am totally hooked. My friend gave me a love cake mix as a surprise, and I made the cake up as cup cakes rather than a big cake. They worked perfectly, and I have another
batch in the oven. I'm sending a pack to my sister in London. I have trouble finding the mix, but now I know I can buy online I'm happy :)
  To make the love cake as cup cakes I cook them for 20 minutes at the same temperature as the big cake, and it makes 12.
Dr. Sue Tait (Canterbury)


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