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love cake organic chocolate cake mix!



At Love Cake Company we pride ourselves with being able to deliver undeniably delicious treats with all natural and organic ingredients, so you can enjoy home baking with our mixes that is tasty, convenient and better for you.


Love Cake was started in 2006 with our Organic Cake Mix.  It was a revolution in gluten free premixes.  It was so unlike the chaff-like offerings on the market at the time. The Love Cake baking mix created an unbelievably delicious and moist cake that you would never know was a "free from" product.


Love Cake has continued that tradition of unbelievably delicious, convenient, home baking solutions as we have grown through the years. Muffin, cookie and pudding mixes have been added to the original cake mix.  In 2010, to complement the original Organic Range, a non-organic, all natural and allergen free alternative was launched, which we call our Natural Range.


We believe our products provide a home baking solution for the many people having to cope with the challenges of food allergies and intolerances.

"Love Cake mixes have no preservatives or additives. We have simply taken our own favourite recipes and assembled the allergy free baking ingredients in one easy mix for you to create at home. The cake, pudding, muffin and cookie mixes are totally indulgent, you won’t even know you’re eating ‘free from’ food."



We would love any feedback or ideas on what you would like to see available to you, so please feel free to contact us either by phone or email.



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